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Care & key factors


Organic raw materials ejemplo

The preservation process is complex and requires a flawless raw material. We work with our own fresh flowers in order to ensure the success the preservation process. The preservation needs an ultra fresh raw material. We undertake the preservation process and the production of material in the same factory. ejejmplo

Low carbon footprint

80% of preserved flowers and plants are imported by boats. The lifespan of the plant allows us to use a way of transport that reduces our impact on the environment.

No waste

· 0% loss during transportation 0% loss in storage.
· 0% loss on resale 100% return on investment 0% waste.

Longer lifespan

The lifespan of the preserved flower is at least 50 times greater than that of a fresh flower. This is a sales pitch. What´s more surprising than offering an everlasting flower? An original idea to renew as often as needed!

Some recommendations


Avoid direct sunlight, roses are made for indoor use only.

Do not water the flower.
Storage humidity less than 80%.
Storage temperature 18-22 °C or 64-72 °F.
Roses are not eatable.
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