Our Story

Kiara’s Story

Kiara Flowers is an Ecuadorian farm, with global prestige that specializes in the production of the most exquisite preserved flowers and greens. We grow and harvest all our products. We preserve them with our unique process that allows their natural beauty last for years. Here is the story of how it all began…


Kiara, exquisite young woman born in fascinating Ecuador. She is a fashion lover, an adventurer, a revolutionary.

Curiously, it was a warm April morning, Kiara was walking around Paris and she turned her attention to the most precious of flowers, a rose.

Will it wither? She asked.

Idealistically, her heart believed she could prove among men, that the earthly symbol of love will never fade; neither should the love of her life go away.

The youthful lady dreamed that the pure beauty of a rose could be preserved.

The dream come true

Kiara offers the world a unique process of preserving natural Ecuadorian roses and flowers maintaining their shape, colors and brightness.

The revolution of flowers had arrived: from a temporary ornament; to iconic arrangements, decorations, and wall art, which are meant to last for years.

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